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Manufacturing your products is only half the battle — the other half is managing its distribution. The e-commerce industry is ever-growing and so is the demand for efficient logistics and storage management. Thankfully, you don’t need your own warehouse or logistics division to deliver and store your goods successfully. Crown LSP Group is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that can handle your shipping and storage needs.

Servicing Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, we specialize in warehouse and supply chain management for raw materials and manufactured goods. Crown LSP Group has the transportation, warehouse facilities and expertise to take on the responsibilities of distributing your products to your customers. We are flexible and can adjust our operating hours to accommodate your shipping and receiving schedules, including weekends and evenings.

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Why Work With a Warehouse and Distribution Center in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte, being the largest city in North Carolina and a central hub among various other cities, makes it an ideal location for a warehouse due to its extensive market access and influence. With a Charlotte distribution center, you can easily access areas such as Greensboro, Wilmington and Norfolk. Also, our transportation and warehousing services will speed up your supply chain and ensure timely delivery. We have been serving communities in North Carolina since 1987, so you can trust our knowledge of the area and its shipping routes.

There are many benefits of having an expert logistics company provide your warehousing and transport services, such as:

  • Reducing the cost per order: Outsourcing your shipping operation to a 3PL company is more affordable than doing so internally.
  • Delivering your goods sooner: With our strategic shipping and packaging processes, we can drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver goods to your customers.
  • Concentrating on other tasks: With shipping and logistics out of the way, you can focus on your vital business operations.

What to Expect From Our Charlotte 3PL Services

With over three decades of experience in the logistics industry, we know exactly how to accommodate any and all transportation requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to logistics and storage, which is why we offer customized solutions for your unique needs. Whether you want to speed up your shipment process or decrease transportation costs, you can count on us to optimize your supply chain with our various services.

Transportation and Logistics

Don’t let transportation difficulties slow your production and delivery processes down. We offer industry-leading logistics solutions, such as:

  • Freight brokering: As a freight broker, we will handle all communications between the shipper and carrier to ensure on-time deliveries. We deal with over 5,000 certified trucking company partners to negotiate prices and operations, saving you time and money.
  • Drayage shipping: We carry freight over short distances between other transportation hubs and long-haul modes of transportation, such as ports and rail yards. Our drayage services handle heavy loads like steel, building materials and automobiles.
  • Asset-based trucking: We also provide asset-based transportation services, which work differently from freight brokering because we do not outsource a carrier. Instead, this operation deals with one company that handles all your shipping needs.
  • LTL shipping: Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is suitable for smaller shipments that don’t amount to a full truckload. We will combine your goods with those of another business if you are both shipping to the same area. LTL shipping is more cost-effective for small shipments and still ensures on-time delivery.
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Warehousing and Storage

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of having a reliable storage facility near your shipment locations. You can trust us to provide secure storage services, including:

  • Long-term warehousing: With our long-term storage services, you can store your goods for longer than three months, allowing you to access your products whenever you need them. When you store your goods in one of our warehouses for a few months or years, you can count on us to keep them secure.
  • Short-term warehousing: Do you need to store your products for less than 90 days? We have you covered! Our short-term storage solution offers flexibility for businesses launching new products or stocking up for seasonal increases in sales.
  • Temperature-controlled warehousing: Some products require a specific temperature for safe storage, but temperature-dependent storage can be costly if you do not have a suitable facility. We can prevent these unnecessary costs by offering a climate-controlled warehouse in Charlotte, NC.
  • Contract warehousing: You can enter a direct contract with a warehouse to store your goods and manage inventory and distribution practices. Crown LSP Group can locate the right warehouse and facilitate these agreements to provide the best solution.

Value-Added Services

Increase the speed and accuracy of your packing and shipping processes with these services from our team:

  • Cross-docking: We can speed up your delivery processes by transferring your stock between trucks. This service, which is known as cross-docking, eliminates unnecessary logistical steps and reduces handling risks since your products reach their final destination sooner.
  • Transloading: Our 3PL transloading services optimize shipping processes and ensure your goods get to your customers safely and on time.
  • Pick and pack fulfillment: Besides storing and transporting your goods, we also retrieve items and put them into smaller packages with suitable packing materials to deliver your products to individual customers.
  • Kitting and assembly: Do you have similar products that your customers order together? We can organize these items into single kits, simplifying your supply chain and increasing customer satisfaction. We can also assemble items before shipping or gather the necessary components for on-site assembly.
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E-commerce and Order Fulfillment

The e-commerce industry is more popular and competitive than ever. That is why it’s essential to have an efficient storage and delivery system in place. We offer a variety of services to optimize your e-commerce operations, such as:

  • Inventory management: Our inventory management services monitor your stock to ensure you have sufficient goods to meet your customers’ demands. We will also notify you when your stock runs low, saving you a trip to the warehouse.
  • Order management: In addition to managing stock, we receive your orders from your customers and track their progress, ensuring they reach your customers on time.
  • Order fulfillment: With a large e-commerce business, packaging every order yourself may be complicated. Our expert assistance enables you to package orders and ship them to the correct location effectively.
  • Return management: Reverse logistics can be complex, but we have industry-specific systems in place to handle product returns correctly and efficiently.

Choose Crown LSP Group as Your 3PL Partner in Charlotte, NC

As a trusted Charlotte warehousing and distribution company, we are dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Crown LSP Group offers the full package of logistics services. We take pride in building long-term partnerships with our clients and achieve this by establishing trust and loyalty in our business dealings.

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