Streamlined Medical Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management in medical environments is critical for the health care system’s operations. It ensures patients can receive medication and hospitals can receive medical devices while keeping these products secure and hygienic. Streamlined logistics ensure the health care network can share goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Crown LSP Group is a 3PL medical logistics company that helps health care facilities manage their entire supply chain. Your company can realize on-time delivery, patient satisfaction and cost savings when you partner with us.

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    Comprehensive Medical Logistics Services by Crown LSP Group, A Trusted Medical Logistics Company

    Crown LSP Group offers comprehensive logistics solutions for the health care and medical industry, including:

    Less Than Truckload Shipping Solutions

    The health care industry needs careful product handling and precisely timed shipments to keep medical supplies stocked and secure. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is common for medical supplies because it allows health care facilities to get the products they need at all times. Our LTL shipping services can scale to your specifications to ensure your company gets critical orders on time and in excellent condition, including local and regional deliveries.

    Climate-Controlled Storage for Medical Supplies

    Sensitive medical products must be stored in controlled environments to maintain their integrity and sterility. Our temperature-controlled transportation and healthcare warehousing services are for products that need to be kept at a specific temperature. We have refrigerated trucks in our fleet to keep products cool on the road and controlled warehouse spaces for storage. We can store medical devices from 86 degrees F to below freezing based on need while managing humidity levels.

    Healthcare Warehousing

    In warehouses and storage facilities, proper management is crucial to maintain stock levels and effective product distribution. Our on-site warehouse management services manage your warehouse requirements from storage to inspection. This service helps your healthcare company reduce operational expenses related to liabilities, taxes, and overhead. We will dispatch a professional work team to your facility to help with loading and unloading requirements, product demand fluctuations, effective storage solutions, and more.

    Preserve Medical Supply Chain Integrity with Our Expert Medical Logistics Solutions


    Trust our dedicated healthcare and medical logistic solutions for secure warehousing, compliant handling, and reliable distribution. Enhance supply chain integrity and ensure timely delivery of vital products. Contact us now to elevate your healthcare operations

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    Benefits of Collaborating with a Medical Logistics Solutions and Healthcare Warehousing Provider

    Working with a third-party logistics provider for your medical supply chain offers several advantages, including:

    • Enhanced efficiency: We have expertise in complex supply chain management, so we can update shipping, handling, distributing and more to be faster and more efficient.
    • Cost savings: Save money by trusting Crown LSP Group to handle your logistics. Shifting these tasks from an in-house team to a third-party provider is the most cost-effective way to manage your logistics while maintaining excellent customer service and delivery rates.
    • New resources and technologies: Crown LSP Group has access to leading technologies in supply chain management that will streamline your logistics processes.
    • Compliance with regulatory requirements: We understand the latest regulatory requirements, so we can help you ensure your shipping and warehousing systems meet regulations.
    • Improved customer satisfaction: With streamlined supply chains, products and information can be easily shared. On-time deliveries and excellent communication lead to satisfied customers.

    Why Crown LSP Group is Your Go-To Medical Logistics Company for Medical Device Logistics

    Crown LSP Group is a distribution solutions company that has served the health care and medical industry since 1987. Our family-owned business partners with your team to understand your unique requirements. As a result, we offer tailored solutions addressing your logistic needs for medical devices and more. While we take care of your shipping and warehousing, your company can focus on what you do best — providing equipment that enhances patient care. We are a local business proud to serve the North Carolina region.

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    Crown LSP Group offers leading transportation, warehousing and logistics services for the health care and medical field. We can meet your needs now with tailored services and in the future with scalable, flexible options. Contact us today for more information about our medical logistics services. Request a quote to begin streamlining your supply chain.

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