In the electronics industry, logistics and supply chain management ensure electronic products are handled properly, stored securely and delivered on time to support production and satisfy customers. Since many electronic devices are sensitive, precision and accuracy are critical at every step.

Crown LSP Group is an electronic third-party logistics (3PL) company that safely and securely ships, stores and manages bulk and finished electronic goods, such as:

  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Computer terminals
  • Televisions
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Computer hardware
  • Server racks

Optimize Your Electronics Supply Chain with Precision


Experience seamless logistics and warehousing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the electronics industry. Improve supply chain visibility, ensure secure storage, and streamline distribution. Contact us now to elevate your electronics business to new heights.

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Electronic Logistics Services From Crown LSP Group

Crown LSP Group offers several critical electronics logistics and supply chain services. Choose from the following services for your comprehensive management system:

Electronic Transportation Services

Our electronic shipping services efficiently transport your products from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers to the end user. Take advantage of our flexible and customized freight solutions for your supply chain needs. We offer:

Electronic Warehousing Services

Crown LSP Group offers warehousing storage to keep your products secure and intact. Our customizable and standard warehousing services can meet your particular needs. Take advantage of our:

Warehouse Operations Services

With our on-site warehouse management services, Crown LSP Group will manage your warehouse’s day-to-day operations to ensure processes are efficient, products are in-stock and systems can address changes in demand. Our professional work team will work closely with you to address your warehouse needs. While we take care of your warehouse operations, your company can focus on important goals.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Promote the growth of your business’s e-commerce sector with our e-commerce fulfillment services. Crown LSP Group will help you store and manage inventory, returns, fulfillment and more. We will take care of warehousing, inventory, stocking, customer orders and returns in cooperation with our network of warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Benefits of Working With an Electronic 3PL Company

Supply chain management from logistics companies such as Crown LSP Group offers several benefits, including:

  • Higher efficiency rates: Have more uptime and production rates with Crown LSP Group. Material shortages and manufacturing delays can take days to resolve, wasting time and money. Our management services help mitigate these problems with real-time data about your inventory and shipments.
  • Optimized shipping and handling: Shipping optimization is critical for supply chains with increasing transportation costs. We will help your team identify efficient shipping methods to ensure on-time, low-cost deliveries.
  • Reduced expenses: Warehouse costs are a major component of overhead expenses. With our electronic warehousing services, your company can benefit from proper electronics storage with a quicker return than in-house solutions. Crown LSP Group will also assist with inventory management, automation and other solutions to keep warehouse expenses low.

Why Choose Crown LSP Group for Electronic Shipping Services?

Crown LSP Group is a third-party logistics and distribution solutions company in North Carolina. As a local family-owned business, we value partnerships with our customers. We will work with you to identify logistics issues and create supply chain solutions tailored to your business. From warehousing to transportation, Crown LSP can take care of any distribution need while your company focuses on your critical goals. As your business grows, your logistics services will scale with you to keep your operations covered.

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Choose Crown LSP Group as your trusted partner for shipping, transportation and warehousing management. We have worked with numerous electronics companies since 1987 and will apply our expertise to your unique business requirements. Contact us today for more information about our electronic transportation services, or request a quote for your supply chain solutions.