The products you sell may be designed to work together or complement each other. Customers often order certain products simultaneously, such as shampoo with conditioner or phone chargers with screen protectors. Kitting services allow you to sell multiple products to customers in a single package. The items are pre-packed in the warehouse, reducing the time needed to pick, pack and ship.

If you aren’t already using kitting services from your third-party logistics provider (3PL), take a closer look at what they are and their benefits.

What Are Kitting and Assembly Services?

Kitting is the process of grouping similar but different items into a single package. Instead of ordering items one by one, customers order a single kit. The products in the kit are already grouped in the warehouse, so warehouse staff only need to pick one package off the shelf.

During the kitting process, items with multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs) get grouped under a single SKU, which makes it easier to pull the products from the shelf and increases order accuracy.

Kitting is helpful in multiple industries and for a wide range of products. Some examples of kitting include:

  • Subscription boxes:  A subscription box often has products from multiple brands with a common theme that unites all the items. Customers typically can’t order the products individually or pick and choose what comes inside of the box.
  • Built-to-order items: When a customer purchases a built-to-order item, the product must contain all of the necessary parts. Kitting ensures that all the parts are included so the customer receives a properly constructed item.
  • Assembled products: Some products must be assembled before they’re shipped out or once they arrive at the customer’s location. Kitting services make sure all the necessary parts and tools are included in the kit to make assembly easier.
  • Related products: Companies can offer customers kits of associated items, such as a hair care kit, auto repair or phone protection kit. Unlike a subscription box, the kits are sold once rather than shipped to customers monthly.

Who Needs Warehouse Kitting and Fulfillment Services?

Several types of companies can benefit from kitting services. E-commerce stores that want to increase the size of customer orders or move products more efficiently can introduce kits to encourage people to place larger orders.

Companies producing made-to-order items or manufacturing products can also benefit from warehouse kitting. The kitting process ensures that all the parts needed to build or manufacture a product are grouped together, streamlining the assembly process and reducing the risk of forgotten or missing parts.

Benefits of Our Kitting Services

Kitting offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Simplified shipping process: Products get shipped to consumers faster when they’re packed together. Instead of pulling multiple SKUs from warehouse shelves, employees pull a single package, reducing the time needed for picking and packing.
  • Organization in your supply chain: Kitting can keep your supply chain organized, as combining parts into one package makes it easier to anticipate costs and ensure everything is ready to go.
  • Customized packaging: Kitting services can include customized packaging, which makes customer orders seem extra special. Receiving a carefully packed and designed box of items is more exciting for customers than having those same products arrive one by one in plain packaging.
  • Reduced warehousing costs: Your company can save money with kitting services. Since the products are already grouped together, you reduce labor costs as less effort is needed to pick them. Kitting also helps you save on storage costs since the kitted products typically take up less shelf space.
  • Increased customer happiness: Kitting services can improve customer satisfaction and happiness. It’s convenient for customers as it lets them get all the products they need, often for a lower price. It also simplifies the ordering process since they only need to search for and purchase one item.

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