As the pharmaceutical market grows at incredible rates, product demand is at unprecedented levels. Pharmaceutical companies meet these demands by increasing production, but the escalated inventories require additional warehouse space and more reliable shipping solutions. Many of these operations have turned to reliable third-party logistics (3PL) providers to help improve their distribution capabilities and stay on pace.

Like many other consumables, pharmaceuticals face strict government regulations and compliances for warehousing and shipping. These products require temperature-controlled storage facilities to preserve their potency and effectiveness. Additionally, warehouses and vehicles must follow firm moisture control, cleanliness and other critical guidelines.

At Crown LSP Group, we provide pharmaceutical companies with the logistics services they need to ensure safe storage and timely distribution to their customers. We understand the strict regulations these operations face — that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to cover all your needs. As a 3PL leader throughout the North Carolina region, we offer everything from storage and warehousing solutions to pickup and delivery services.

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Types of 3PL Pharmaceutical Distribution Services Crown LSP Group Offers

Experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry allow our team to develop a logistics strategy based on your specific needs. Since many rules and regulations surrounding pharmaceuticals can be complicated, we offer logistics services that eliminate all the guesswork from your operation. Our temperature-controlled storage and transportation solutions follow industry requirements while increasing distribution efficiency.

Examples of the specific types of services we offer pharmaceutical companies include:

  • Transportation and logistics: Combining our transportation and logistics capabilities with multiple third-party shipping services well-versed in pharmaceuticals allows us to provide the most efficient solutions while adhering to industry guidelines.
  • Temperature-controlled warehousing: Our temperature-controlled warehouses maintain the appropriate climates to meet industry standards and ensure compliance with government regulations.
  • Value-added services: Our logistics capabilities go far beyond simple warehousing and storage. We offer many value-added services to streamline your pharmaceutical operation, including cross-docking and transloading.
  • On-site warehouse operations: Crown LSP Group provides pharmaceutical companies with on-site warehouse operations to simplify daily management and optimize their distribution processes, from inventory management and stock rotation to repacking and palletization.

Benefits of Working With a 3PL Pharmaceutical Distribution Provider

Partnering with a dependable 3PL pharmaceutical logistics company like Crown LSP Group streamlines your entire distribution operation, saving your company money and improving your clients’ customer satisfaction levels. Our solutions allow you to pay for only the services you use, unlike the high costs of purchasing your own warehouse space and additional material handling equipment.

Other benefits of our services include:

  • Increased efficiency: With our logistics solutions, you improve product handling speed and optimize travel routes to save on warehousing and transportation expenses.
  • Scalability: As your company grows and your product demands change, we can work with you to offer you the amount of storage capacity and the optimal logistics solutions you need.
  • Improved reliability: When you speed up your delivery times and make more accurate shipments, you increase customer satisfaction and open the door for new business opportunities.
  • Customized solutions: We offer custom options like relabeling, fulfillment and inventory management, providing significant savings over the costs of handling these duties on your own.

Trusting Crown LSP Group for Your Pharmaceutical Logistic Needs

At Crown LSP Group, we understand the importance of a 3PL pharmaceutical distribution partner who will go the extra mile to protect the safety and integrity of your products. We adhere to the strictest quality measures to comply with industry regulations. Our temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouses keep your products secure while our value-added services manage your inventory according to your requirements.

Our primary goal is to establish a long-term relationship with each client. We prioritize every project we undertake, regardless of the job type or size of your company. We listen to your needs and concerns to deliver the performance you expect from one of the leading pharmaceutical 3PL companies in logistics.

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