Streamlined Transportation Solutions for Your Supply Chain Success

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your supply chain operations on the East Coast, look no further than Crown LSP Group. We’re a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) company serving businesses in the Charleston, SC area and beyond. We set ourselves apart by providing customized strategies that work for your company’s unique storage and distribution workflows.

At Crown LSP Group, we understand that changes in the e-commerce industry can make it challenging to keep up with shipping, warehousing and distribution processes. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to expand your own warehouse or logistics division to accommodate your shipping needs. You can store your products near our strategic, convenient transportation points. Whether it’s your goal to improve delivery processes or expand storage capacity, we can handle your shipping operations with tailored solutions.

Partnering with a company like Crown LSP Group makes it easy to safely store and successfully distribute your goods. If you need secure short-term or long-term storage and logistics management, we’ve got you covered. Our network of experts specializes in warehouse and supply chain management for manufactured goods and raw materials. We have the expertise and fully equipped facilities needed to take on your product distribution and deliver exceptional service.

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    Our Transportation & Trucking Capabilities

    We have several trucking and freight services to fit your unique supply chain needs. We partner with you to find the best solution and ensure a hassle-free process.

    Crown LSP Group offers over-the-road, asset-based truckload motor carrier services for customers across the United States. We combine experienced, well-trained personnel and customized equipment with state-of-the-art technology. At Crown, we emphasize continuous improvement, believing the value we add to every load shows up in our customers’ bottom line. Features like GPS tracking allow us to inform you of your shipment status at all times. Every mile of every trip, as an extension of your company, we are committed to understanding your needs and your customers’ needs.

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    We offer third-party freight brokerage options through over 5,000 certified trucking company partners. We have an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry’s demands and the importance of meeting budgets and delivery schedules on time.

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    When choosing our professional drayage transportation services, you can expect to get the highest level of customer service and industry knowledge. With Crown LSP Group, we ensure that your freight reaches its destination quickly, safely, and affordably.

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    We also handle less than truckload (LTL) shipments. One call will get your LTL freight cargo classified, quoted, and shipped. Nearly all of our small- to medium-sized transport clients see decreases in LTL trucking costs and increases in productivity.

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    At our facilities, we can effectively and tactically match loads to freight carriers, plan routes, and optimize transportation. Our extensive industry knowledge, physical location and assets, and technology make Crown LSP Group the best option to handle all your freight management needs.

    Why Choose a Warehouse and Distribution Center near Charleston, SC?

    A strategic location like Charleston gives your company a competitive edge within an extensive infrastructure network. Our Charleston location is ideal for supply chain and distribution networks because of its easy access to major population centers along the East Coast, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Memphis.

    Choosing Charleston for warehousing and 3PL services is also smart for its proximity to many robust rail and inland port capacities as well as the Charleston International Airport. Thanks to South Carolina’s expansive highway system, your products can get on the road and into your customers’ hands in a breeze.

    When you partner with Crown LSP Group, you can leverage our advanced knowledge of the local area and the benefits of our warehousing and transport services, including:

    • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing your logistics operations results in lower per-order costs compared to doing it internally. As experts in the 3PL industry, we’re equipped with the tools and resources necessary to maximize efficiency and handle high-volume orders to reduce shipping costs. Additionally, partnering with us grants you access to our existing warehouses and order management systems, so you don’t need to invest in them yourself.
    • Scalability: Our strategic shipping and warehousing services are flexible and scalable. We can adjust to your supply chain needs as they change and accommodate increased or decreased demands.
    • Faster deliveries: We can substantially reduce delivery times to your customers in nearby areas through our warehouse near Charleston. By storing products at our Charleston location, you can also offer same-day shipping for specific destinations.
    • Ability to focus on priorities: Running your business involves many responsibilities. When you partner with Crown LSP Group, we’ll handle the bulk of the supply chain complexities so you can concentrate on other critical tasks.


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    What to Expect From Our Charleston 3PL Services

    At Crown LSP Group, we recognize that your company and your products have unique needs. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for every business, which is why our Charleston warehousing and distribution services are flexible enough to meet different logistics requirements.

    Our Charleston 3PL services include:

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    At Crown LSP Group, we’re here to meet your logistics needs. Our family-owned business has helped companies like yours with trusted distribution solutions since 1987. Outsourcing logistics to us allows you to benefit from customized, cost-effective 3PL strategies. Contact us online or request a quote to learn more about our tailored supply chain solutions.

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