Logistics and supply chain management for the agricultural industry ensure agro-goods move effectively from the supplier to the producer to the consumer. Effective storage, transportation and distribution processes are necessary to make the supply chain as smooth as possible. Optimized logistics for farming operations lead to satisfied consumers, maximum profits and reduced distribution expenses.

Crown LSP Group is a third-party logistics company with services tailored to agriculture. We have the warehousing, transportation and expertise needed to accommodate your products and equipment and streamline your operations.

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Agricultural Services That We Offer

As an agricultural logistics company, we understand the industry’s needs for shipping and transportation. Our services for ag operations and farms include:

Farm Equipment Transportation

Farming machinery requires specialized trucks and trailers for handling and transportation. Agricultural trucking companies like Crown LSP Group have the equipment and expertise needed to move your tractors and other heavy equipment safely and effectively.

We understand the downtime risks your operation faces. Crown LSP Group can transport farm equipment in various circumstances. Whether your machinery is in a remote location or you have a tight deadline, our team can move your equipment to its destination.

Crown LSP Group offers several transportation services. Our drayage shipping service utilizes local warehouses to minimize disruptions. You can also choose asset-based carriers for reliable availability.

Agriculture Product Shipping

Grains, produce, fertilizer and other agro-goods need to be transported in a manner that keeps the products safe and complies with industry standards. Crown LSP Group can ship products using specialized transportation methods.

We understand that your produce is a critical part of your supply chain. We will handle these sensitive products with care from pickup to drop-off to maintain the integrity of your perishable and nonperishable goods. Your manufacturing partners can trust you’ll deliver quality products every time.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Some perishable agro-goods must be stored at a specific temperature to prevent spoilage. Crown LSP Group offers temperature-controlled services to meet these particular needs and keep your product safe. Our specialized warehouse storage supports ambient, cool, refrigerated and frozen temperatures. We will monitor the temperature regularly to ensure the warehouse space stays within the required range.

Shipment Tracking

Agriculture operations can know where their shipments are 24/7 with track-and-trace technology from Crown LSP Group. Satellite technology monitors the carrier’s location, so you can obtain real-time status updates and track your shipment no matter where it is.

Benefits of Working With an Agriculture Supply Chain Company

Logistics and supply chain management for the agricultural industry offers several advantages. It can:

  • Increase efficiency: Managing the supply chain improves your efficiency because it helps you manage and reduce complexities that lead to inefficiency. With an optimized supply chain, your business can meet customer demand better.
  • Control warehouse management: With warehousing solutions, you can manage your agro-goods during the storage process. Warehouse management makes it easier to check inventory and transfer stock as needed.
  • Deliver products on time: Logistics management makes the supply chain efficient, speeding up the production cycle and delivering agro-goods to the manufacturer on time. On-time delivery increases profits and enhances operations.

Why Choose Crown LSP Group?

Crown LSP Group is a distribution solutions company for agriculture and farm operations. We understand the importance of an efficient supply chain, and we help our agriculture customers reduce transportation costs while keeping produce safe and equipment intact.

Since every farm business has different needs, we offer customized solutions tailored to your unique transportation, shipping and tracking requirements. We forge a business partnership with customers like you, managing the logistics so you can focus on your critical business goals.

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Crown LSP Group offers valuable transportation and logistics services for the farming industry. Our services are scalable and flexible to meet your changing needs.

Choose us as your agriculture supply chain company by requesting a quote for our services today. Contact us online for more information about how we will support your logistics needs.