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What Is a Contract Warehouse?

What Is Contract Warehousing? A contract warehouse is a third-party logistics (3PL) storage facility that stores goods on behalf of a client. The client and the warehouse enter into a…

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How Do Value-Added Services (VAS) Add Value?

How Do Value-Added Services (VAS) Add Value? Value-added services in logistics allow businesses to provide more comprehensive benefits, which has become an essential tool in increasing customer satisfaction. Using these…

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Trends in Consumer Goods and Retail Supply Chains

Retail Supply Chain Management The consumer goods and retail market has seen some new challenges in the last few years, spearheading the rapid adoption of innovative technology and new business…

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Guide to Transporting and Warehousing Solar Panels

Guide to Transporting and Warehousing Solar Panels While solar panels can take a beating from direct sunlight for more than 12 hours a day, they aren’t immune to cracks, micro-cracks…

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The Future of Warehouse Automation and AI

What Is Warehouse Automation? Warehouse automation is the process of moving products into, out of and within a warehouse with minimal handling by people. Automation takes advantage of technology to…

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